#1 Dad

You are never going to believe who I saw in the store! The #1 Dad. No, it wasn’t #2 or #3. This was the big guy, número uno. It was printed right there on his t-shirt. Does the #1 Dad like to be called by his first name or just Mr. #1? He looked nothing like what imagined. Judging by the size of his round, hardened belly the #1 Dad likes to throw ’em back after a hard days work. This can’t be! He had a list, but clearly wasn’t following it. His cart was full of Doritos, cookies and 2 liter bottles of soda. It was generic soda. If you like Diet Dr. Pepper you will love Diet Dr. Thunder . If I send you to the store for Diet Coke and come home with Diet Roke that is grounds for divorce. I do the grocery shopping for two reasons. I am a control freak and don’t want to waste money. I once sent my husband to the store for milk and he came back with a 30 gallon drum of nacho cheese. The difference is he doesn’t have the title. I would expect the #1 Dad to make better choices.

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