I remember when …..

Did your parents tell stories about how they walked 50 miles in the snow, barefoot to get to school? Sure they did. Every generation had it worse off than the last. Of course, that story was slightly exaggerated or they would be missing toes. Gen-“whatever the f- we are” will have a lot of stories for the grand kids. The latest comes with the ban on light bulbs. (Grandma, tell me again what it was like to use a lightbulb that actually worked?) Is it so wrong to want to see in the dark? How about you ban private jets. I enjoy 60 watts. Hell, 100 was even better, but “the man” has to ruin everything. I have those long lasting light bulbs in my garage. You need a ladder to reach the light fixture. So, when the box said it would last a few years I was sold. They lasted a few months. Don’t even get me started again on the energy efficient washing machines. A washing machine that uses less water is just called a machine. That s*** ain’t clean. Anyway, it got me thinking about the “I remember when….” stories we will share with our grandchildren.

I remember when….

1.) …. we had to wait for a tape to rewind before watching a movie
2.) …. you had to press play & record simultaneously on the VCR to record your favorite show. (What’s a VCR?)
3.) …. the only way to play a CD in the car was to Velcro a portable player to the dash and hope you didn’t hit any bumps. (What’s a CD?)
4.) ….. you had to go all the way to the library, sort through a card catalog and read a book to answer ONE question.
5.) ….. you had to ask an operator to interrupt a call because you got a busy signal for 30 minutes and you were certain your boyfriend was talking to someone else.
6.) ….. The only way to record over a cassette tape was to put scotch tape over the tabs on the top.
7.) ….. You had to buy an entire album to get the one song you liked.
8.) ….. Only one door of a minivan would open
9.) ….. You had to use a pay phone to make a call when you weren’t home
10.) …. cartoons were only played on Saturday morning
11.) …. you could only watch The Wizard of Oz once a year. If you missed it on TV you were screwed.

And so on and so on ….. ( and we did it without losing any toes.

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