5 Second Rule

I just read about a new study that debunks “The 5 Second Rule!” Researchers at San Diego State University found that bacteria can actually attach itself to food in seconds. I know y’all are probably wicked smart, but my reaction to your findings: No s***! Parents don’t actually believe it to be a legitimate rule. It just makes our lives easier. I can’t boil a pacifier every time it falls to the ground. Sure, first time parents are overly cautious. By kid #3 you don’t bat an eyelash if they eat dirt. No, I’m not going to allow my child to eat food off the floor of a gas station bathroom. However, if I am at a store and my child drops his/her cookie, I am picking that sucker up. The alternative is dragging a screaming child out of a shopping cart. You cannot keep your kids in a bubble. You can’t sanitize everything. Calling out, “5 Second Rule” is our way of saying, “Don’t judge me.” Most parents will just give the nod. Been there. Done that.

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