I’ve got something in my pocket

My daughter loves pockets. I mean she really  loves pockets. Her eyes light up when she realizes there are pockets on the pants she is wearing. A pocket on a shirt = mind blown. She doesn’t have anything to carry. Perhaps, she wants to be prepared in case she happens upon a paperclip or small pebble. That is about all that would fit in her tiny pockets.

She is only 4 and has already started arguing with me over what to wear. I want her to dress like a cute little girl. She wants to dress like a homeless clown from Florida. Red stripes, purple stars, green socks and Hello Kitty do not go together, but that doesn’t matter to her. The temperature doesn’t matter either. She wants to wear short sleeve shirts in the dead of winter. Do you know that shirt that I meant to get rid of because it is two sizes too small? Yeah, she wants to wear that, too.

Call me old fashioned, but I don’t want my pre-schooler to dress like a whore. I refuse to buy shirts with lace on the back or slits in the sleeve. I like pretty dresses and hair-bows. Some people say ” She is just trying to express herself.” Is she saying I am colorblind? I nearly died during labor. I earned the right to dress my little doll.

All hope is not lost. There is a way to get her to wear clothing I like. Dresses + pockets = I win!


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