How do you choose a best friend? Is it because a person is kind? Trustworthy? Funny? Loyal? My 6-year-old found a new BFF. He absolutely adores this kid. They like the same things which is important in a friendship. They love playing poker and beer pong. You should just hear them giggle. I am kidding. They love Legos and playing Mine Craft. I may have to start selling crack to pay for Legos. Mine Craft is like crack for kids. I can’t play any 3D game without getting motion sickness. Plus, there are too many buttons on Xbox and Playstation controllers. I grew up with a simple joystick.


There was one knob and one button. What the hell am I supposed to do with this:



It boggles my mind that men can’t do two things at once, but can operate a gaming controller. Perhaps, it is all an act so we expect less and leave them alone. My son and his bestie know the function of each button. Yet, they still put the suffix “ed” on random words.

So, how did these two become best friends? My son told me, “He is my best friend because when I pass gas in school he tells everyone he did it so I won’t be embarrassed.” He is a keeper.


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