All I want for Christmas…. is you

‘Tis the season for my children to shout after every commercial on TV.   “I want that.”  “I want that from Santa.”  “I want that for Christmas.”   Santa needs to send out a mass text message announcing new rules: a gift request limit. A text? Yes, apparently young people don’t even use email anymore.  Talk about an ungrateful generation.  I would have killed for email when I was a kid.  I had a Commodore 64 which was basically a fancy typewriter. I couldn’t watch videos on Youtube of annoying oranges.  I couldn’t Skype with my friends.  What?  Kids are too cool for Skype, too?  (Throws up her hands) I had to rely on a guy on a horse to shout my message through the streets.  Well, I am not that old, but we did pass notes and write letters.

I was complaining about their holiday demands until I read this story online.

TOLEDO, Ohio — A boy whose last wish was to be home for his favorite holiday has died, two weeks after his hometown welcomed him with a Christmas tree outside his window and a motorcycle-riding Santa Claus.

Shame on me.  His parents would give anything to get a wish list from their son.   It doesn’t mean my kids will get everything they want.  It just made me realize I need to appreciate the fact that my children are healthy enough to enjoy the holiday.  Is there anything that matters more?  Bravo to the people in Port Clinton, Ohio for making Devin Kohlman’s dream come true.


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