Amazing Spider-Man 2

Stunt scenes for The Amazing Spider-Man 2 are being filmed in Rochester, NY. Every Wednesday I appear on a radio station in Rochester. I thought they locked me out when I couldn’t get in the parking garage last week. I tend to speak before I think which offends people from time to time. It was just a glitch with my key tag. I am back and there is an amazing view of crews filming outside the Warm 101.3 studios.


My 5-year-old wanted to play hooky so he can appear in a scene. Next thing you know he will skip school by faking an illness, steal a Ferrari 250 GT that belongs to his friend’s Dad and spend the day in downtown Chicago.

The Amazing Spider-Man 2 crew will be in town for two weeks. Unfortunately, our agent doesn’t have any connections. So, we we didn’t get a callback to be extras. (He did give us a good deal on car insurance, though.) I told my son, “We already saw a movie scene being filmed at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.” Sure, they shoot the same scene 365 days a year, but my son doesn’t know the difference. I am taking pictures today and my media friends got some good shots. A former co-worker posted this one on Facebook of Spidey himself. Is there anything you notice down yonder that stands out about this web-swinging hero?



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