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Here are a few of my favorite things on the world wide web :



I got on an elevator recently and was startled when a man standing in the corner said, “Good morning.”  I’m pretty sure that breaks elevator etiquette rules.  You are supposed to avoid eye contact, clutch your bag and silently count each floor as the elevator rises.  I almost busted out some ‘wax on, wax off’ moves when another guy complimented my outfit.  “That’s a great color combination.” I said, “Thank you, ” but was thinking  I will claw your eyes out,  freak. I would go bananas if this happened to me on an elevator:



Stevie Nicks’ dog vagina:

I lol’d when I saw this online.   My daughter asked why I was laughing.  I couldn’t point out to a 4-year-old that Stevie Nicks has a dog vagina (courtesy Gawker.com) :

Dancing Queen:

Beyonce’s biggest fan posts another dance video. I ‘less than 3’ this kid.  His dance moves aren’t quite at my level, but he has potential.

Here is my new favorite ecard (it is especially true one week a month):

Ryan Gosling and Eva Mendes may be on the verge of splitting. Isn’t that so sad? (cue: evil laugh) Call me, Ryan.


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