Trick or Treat

I am really disappointed in my children’s Trick or Treating skills. We are only a few days out and the good stuff is already gone. Their Halloween candy isn’t going to last very long. Clearly, they don’t care that Mommy needs chocolate once a month. My oldest son brought home more loot than his brother and sister. My younger children threw in the towel early on. The 4-year-old lasted one street. My 6-year-old knocked on a few more doors before he started whining. What is wrong with this generation? When I was a kid my Mom had to drag me home. Our bags were overflowing.


I thought about rallying the troops.
You want to go home? What part of free candy don’t you understand? Look at all the porch lights. Do you realize the possibilities here? We could be eating Twix Bars and Milk Duds until the new year. You’re going to give that all up because you’re tired, wet and cold? Quitters! Then, I came to my senses, kept my mouth shut and brought them home.

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