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You’ve got to love the power of advertising.  My children’s Christmas wish list is longer than Lindsay Lohan’s rap sheet.  Santa brings the first born everything they ask for.  By the second and third child St. Nick realizes the toys they begged for will end up in a closet.    Everything looks fun in a commercial.  Well, except for those dog commercials with Sarah Mclachlan.  Those ads are the complete opposite of fun.   Bottom line: Santa Claus is saving for Botox and isn’t wasting money this year.

My 5-year-old’s reaction to a recent advertisement caught me by surprise.  He was watching TV with my father when a perfume spot came on.  A thin model walks toward the camera with a bottle of perfume in the distance.  I’m sure she whispered the name of the perfume.  They love to whisper in perfume commercials. I guess it’s not sexy to speak in a tone audible to the human ear.   My son asked, “Is that a magic potion?”  My father laughed. “Well, sort of.  Girls put it on so boys will like them,” he joked.  My son thought about it for a minute and said, “So, they put it on so they don’t look skinny and gross like that girl.”  I guess my son prefers some junk in your trunk.   That’s my boy!

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