Bad Teacher

And my kids think I’m embarrassing…. This Texas mother of three was busted for having sex with her students. Well, actually four students at one time and it was videotaped. Can you imagine, as a mother or father, how traumatic it would be to watch the tape in court. Especially when the lady looks like a younger Edward James Olmos. Her name is Brittni Colleps. Parents shouldn’t have to worry that their kid’s high school teacher is going to take their virginity. It is the senior girls that we should worry about. I can’t even imagine my kids as teenagers. I’m having a hard enough time with the whole puberty thing. Let’s just say I want to gouge my eyes out. What happened to the toddler that liked to play with dinosaurs? Anyway, Colleps’ husband is standing by her. He said, “I have loved my wife since I laid eyes on her 11 years ago.” Are we looking at the same woman?


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  • Nikki Thomas

    That is really scary! I was a secondary teacher and I’m a parent and the very thought of that really shocks me! We have a local head teacher who married an ex student and that is bad enough!!

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