The Hardest Thing

I am getting old. As if the cabinet full of anti-aging cream wasn’t proof enough, another boy band I grew up with is reuniting. 98 Degrees announced it will take the stage once again. They are no longer the young hot studs wearing white and singing on the beach. Now, they are fathers and husbands in their late 30’s. I chuckle at the idea of my husband and his friends doing a choreographed dance. The Insider did an entire piece about why the band decided to get back together. I can tell you it’s not because Nick Lachey writes inspiring lyrics. It’s because middle-aged women, on the verge of a hot flash, will buy tickets. I was actually a big fan of New Kids on the Block. I camped out at a local record store for concert tickets. What parent wouldn’t let their 15-year-old daughter sleep outside a place called “Vinyl Jungle?” Luckily, I wasn’t kidnapped and got to see Joey Joe’s baby blues up close. I’m not sure I would buy a ticket to see his age spots. Thankfully, my kids have no desire to go to a concert yet. They really aren’t old enough to idolize a band. Well, my younger kids enjoy The Fresh Beat Band, but I won’t be going to extreme measures to see actors sing about bananas.

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