Birthday War

Gone are the days of themed birthday parties for my eldest child.   Elmo,  Thomas the Train and Batman have been replaced with an AK47.   My son is at his friend’s 13th birthday party where they are having an airsoft gun war. 13?  These boys have been friends since kindergarten. Where did the time go?  

An airsoft gun shoots out tiny plastic beads.  The boys wear layers of clothing and protective gear. You allow your child to play with toy guns?  Yes.  Please don’t protest outside my house.  His father served two tours in Iraq.  He is recommended for the Medal of Honor.  Do you think I would win an argument against military themed games?  They are all obsessed with Call of Duty.  My son will come home filthy and exhausted which means he had fun.   It’s harmless.  Imagine a group of boys with braces and lanky bodies running around a field.  This about sums them up:


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