There are rules in life.  This is an important one:  if you were born between 1970 –  present date, you cannot grow a mustache.   You should not.  A goatee can be sexy.  Ryan Gosling has proved it’s okay to have a scruffy beard and stash.  The only young people sporting mustaches are creepy guys and women who have lost their tweezers.  Well, my husband is breaking the rule.  Perhaps he was inspired by an old Tom Selleck movie.  Unfortunately, 3 Men and a Baby came out in 1987.   My father has a mustache, but it works for him.  He has had one my entire life.  My husband looks like he has been placed in a witness protection program.  He knows I hate it which is why he refuses to shave.  I’m going to bite my tongue and hope it doesn’t last long. 


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  • Karina - Mom in the USA

    No stash, yay goatee! My husband decided he was going to grow out his hair. It was horrible so I know oh too well about biting tongues. I actually did not. The worst part is that that hair went out with last year’s Christmas cards. Can you say mortified!? He finally decided to cut off the mop. The good part of that is that it was like I got a new husband and we were in a honeymoon phase all over again. Maybe it might be that way for you when he gets rid of the stash.


  • latinadulce28

    That is really funny because when my dad shaved his off, we all preferred him with it. I thought it was the adjustment period but it wasn’t. He just has this big space between his upper lip and his nose and looks kind of weird without it.

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