By now you’ve all heard the story or seen the video on YouTube of the bus monitor being bullied by students. It was difficult to watch, but millions of people have. They call this grandmother fat and sweaty. They threaten to hurt her. It’s heartbreaking. Their lack of respect is disgusting. I flashed back to high school and a bitch named Mary. This chick tormented me for years. I tried to ignore her, but her verbal abuse didn’t stop until I defended myself. (She now looks like Star Jones before surgery. I win!) We all can relate to Karen Klein. We have, at one point in our lives, felt small. We have been called names or allowed our own insecurities to get the best of us. The four students on that video should have known better. However, let us not forget these are children. People are making death threats to these 13-year-old boys. Much like my 12-year-old they are still trying to figure out who they are. Their bodies are changing. They are trying to fit in. My son is a good kid, but I’ve witnessed him cave to peer pressure to get a laugh. He once joined other kids in school writing swear words on a notebook. I was horrified and quite surprised he spelled them correctly since he never makes it past the second round I’m a spelling bee. I’m trying to raise a good man. He will make mistakes. He will be punished. I hope he will learn his lesson. I’m not making excuses for these boys. Although Mrs. Klein did not press charges they will be punished by school officials. (Talk about a forgiving woman. She deserves to be rewarded and will. A website has raised hundreds of thousands of dollars for her) I’m sure these boys will feel the pain at home too. They need to be grounded for a very long time. (I would also take away phones, IPods, computers and force them to use a typewriter to pen an apology note) It’s easy to blame the parents especially if you’re not one. Sometimes kids go down the wrong path. I hope these 7th graders find their way back. There is still time if we let them.

Make the Bus Monitor Cry

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