Around the Campfire

I really don’t want the summer to end. I actually love having my kids at home. That or I’m lazy and hate helping with homework. (Can you start a sentence with “That?”  I just did.)  I could do without watching Caillou a million times a day. I hate listening to my own children whine I don’t want to hear a cartoon character piss and moan.

Tonight we roasted marshmallows in the outdoor fireplace. There couldn’t possibly be anything for children to fight about while making S’mores, right? Wrong. They fought over sticks. Our house is surrounded by trees. In fact, I’m constantly picking twigs up from my yard. Still, my youngest two bickered. “I wanted that one!” “I had it first.” “Mommy, she took the one I wanted.” I spent 15 minutes searching in the dark for a nearly identical stick. As I mumbled curse words under my breath my older son shouted, “Mom, I just saw a skunk!” I ran to the door screaming like a 13-year-old girl at a Justin Beiber concert. It was a cat.

I eventually got the fire started.  My daughter giggled as she dangled the marshmallow over the flame. My 5-year-old son was covered in Hershey’s chocolate before his turn. My oldest declared, “This was fun.” It was. 


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