Kettle. Black.

I will be the first to admit that Madonna isn’t what she once was.  It’s been quite awhile since she has been “Like a Virgin.”  Actually, Madge has seen more action than David Duchovny.  She looked ridiculous sitting on the shoulders of LMFAO’s RedFoo during her Superbowl Halftime show.  (I’m not sure anyone could look classy sitting on a man named RedFoo.  Now, had she chosen SkyBlu it would have been a different story.)  Still, she is a rare talent and looks damn good.  Sure, she took a few dips in the plastic surgery fountain of youth, but who hasn’t.  Meg Ryan can’t even smile anymore.  Sir Elton had the claws out for this interview.  Sister friend, you haven’t had a hit in a LONG time either.  The “C” word?  Is that anyway for a knight to speak?   

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