Can I take your order?

My children know exactly what they want unless we are in line at a drive-thru restaurant. We always discuss our game plan on the way there.

“Okay, do you want chicken or a cheeseburger?”


“Are you sure?”


They are liars. The minute I start to place the order they ‘act like they’ve never been nowhere’. “Wait, what do they have?” Lasagna. It is f-ing McDonald’s. A clown sells French fries. It’s not like they would eat anything different even if it was on the menu. I have tried the supposed trick of putting the same thing on the plate for a week. They say that eventually a kid will try it. Baloney. I also tried forcing my son to eat peas. I ended up cleaning vomit off the table. I haven’t given up, but we eat at McDonald’s on occasion. Don’t judge.

Even though they have been there before it was the same scenario last night. “Um, I want, um, I waaannnnt, um.” The person behind us is waving his hands in frustration, “What the hell?” Believe me guy, this isn’t fun for me either. At least you get to drive away and eat your BigMac in peace. I still have to deal with the “he got more fries than me” argument at home.
Then, tomorrow I get to argue over how bites of spaghetti my son needs to take. Someday we will laugh about this over dinner at their house. Then, I will complain about everything served.

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