Morning sickness

I just read an article about the most idiotic study ever. A psychologist in Albany, NY (where all the greats come from) claims that he has found the cure to morning sickness. Semen. Did you spit out your coffee too? Gordon Gallup claims women need to ingest semen to alleviate symptoms, but it must be from the man who impregnated you. How convenient. Gallup says a woman needs to build up a tolerance to the sperm already in her body. Shut the front door Gordon! If you want a happy ending visit a massage parlor. Men are frantically forwarding the article to their pregnant wives. As if suffering through nine months of exhaustion, sickness and weight gain isn’t enough. You are lucky we let you live during those nine months.

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  • latinadulce28

    Oh my God!! I almost did a spit-take! Pun intended!

    I would never have believed someone would say that in a study. So where is the study where that would alleviate symptoms for something that happens to men? Then what? Still shaking my head.

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