Craigslist Fail

Have you heard this story about the nanny from hell? A family in California found a nanny on Craigslist. They agreed to let her live with them for free if she would help care for the kids and do chores around the house. The nanny moved in, but didn’t work. The family tried to fire her, but she wouldn’t move out. Police said the family has to follow the law and evict the nanny. So, they were stuck with her until the story went viral and she disappeared.

What is the lesson here? You don’t allow someone you met on Craigslist to move ino your home or take care of your kids. You buy bikes or furniture on Craigslist. I bought kitchen chairs which felt a little risky even for a rebel like myself. (Sometimes I take the lid off the milk container before I take the jug out of the refrigerator. I know, I live on the edge.) I went to the house alone which was stupid. I texted my mother the address and phone number to help police find my body. The sellers were an older couple who spoke Russian. I had no idea what they were saying. After four years of French language class in high school I can only say “My house is brown” and that is a lie. My house is off-white. There was no way I could translate Russian. The woman was talking to her husband and laughing. I don’t know if they were making fun of me or talking about their murderous plan. I didn’t stick around to find out. I got five chairs for $40. Who is the мудак now?

It sounds to me like the family with the lazy nanny was trying to put expensive rims on a 1987 Ford Escort. They couldn’t afford a nanny. So, here is a novel idea: How about raising your own children? I know people need babysitters when they work, but that was not the case here.

I was a nanny in college. I worked so the mother didn’t have to be a mother. She got the equivalent of an honorary diploma every Mother’s Day. She missed everything and it wasn’t because she was drilling water wells in third world countries or fighting crime. She was getting her hair blown out. I come from a small town where people dry their own hair. I envied her until I became a mother. Well, there are still days that I envy her. I wouldn’t have minded a little help when my workout was interrupted with a child screaming, “Mom, can you help me wipe my butt. I can’t get it all.” I would have loved for a nanny to take my place on the trampoline because my bladder frowns upon jumping. I would also like a nanny to cook, clean and do the laundry. Basically, I want a maid. I wonder if I could find a reputable service on Craigslist.

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