The look, the feel

I hate that it had to come to this. I didn’t want to do it, but I had no other choice. I swear I exhausted all other options. I hid my husband’s noisy pants.


It is a pair of warm-up pants. Does he play professional basketball? No. Is he a professional football player? No. He isn’t warming up for anything. They make a loud swish, swish, swish sound with each step which is great when children are asleep. Imagine running through The Louvre wearing corduroy pants. It’s obnoxious.

I bought him these pants years ago. I clearly didn’t think it through. I also don’t know what I was thinking buying my 4-year-old daughter a whistle yesterday. I could have cut out the middleman and saved $5.00 by having the store clerk punch me in the head. These pants drive me insane. But they are comfortable Overalls are comfortable, too, but I am not related to Honey Boo Boo. It’s time to let them go.

I will replace the warm-up pants with a quieter pair of cotton pants. It is the fabric of our lives.

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  • Aimee

    Ok, I need more warning that something funny is going to be said in the first few lines. I just snorted my drink out of my nose when I got to the words “noisy pants.”

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