Doggone Flies

I’ve worked enough jobs in my life to learn a thing or two about customer service. (1.) As a waitress you shouldn’t tell a customer to go to hell (2.) You don’t quit right after someone has loaded their entire grocery cart on the conveyer belt at your register. Guilty. Guilty. I have never been a dog groomer, but I’m pretty sure you’re supposed to show up on time for an appointment. I definitely know you don’t use the excuse, “I’m sorry I was home killing flies and lost track of time.” Yep. That’s the line I got today. I brought my little puppy, Max, for a haircut. The groomer looked like a cross between Anna Kournikova and Kat Von d. Apparently she once loved a man named Nick and a deck of cards? She was wearing a tennis skirt and a cardigan. You never know when your biker pals will want to play a doubles match. A good pet owner would have walked away. A mother of 3 who squeezed this in between an orthodontist appointment and haircut isn’t canceling now. It was time for Max to make a new friend. Turns out she is a bit of a flake, but knows how to work a pair of dog sheers. And if you have a fly infestation she is your gal!

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