Just the Facts Ma’am!

I might as well download The Golden Oldies to my IPod. The teenage boys at the local ice cream parlor call me Ma’am. One minute I was turning heads with my layered socks and scrunchies and the next I am called Ma’am! Well, it gets worse. I have a hip injury. Yeah, the part of your body injured by professional athletes or senior citizens. I can’t make a basket, throw a football and have never left a panicked message to a mistress. Therefore, I must be old. I have a strained hip flexor. How did this happen? I ran too fast. Yep. Ran. Too. Fast. Kids run fast. They don’t injure their hips. I read in some exercise magazine that sprinting helps tone your abdominal muscles. Well, now I am walking around the supermarket like Kharis. Could this be happening before I’ve blown out 40 candles? Yes, Ma’am!

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