Drive-thru vomiting

How was your weekend? Well, let me see. Yesterday I took my middle child to the doctor after he complained that his ears hurt. Sure enough he has a double ear infection. Poor guy. I guess swimming in a public pool where toddlers urinate on a whim isn’t good for your health after all. I decided after the doctor’s visit I would take him to get donuts. I was more excited than he was.  I am addicted to carbohydrates. The drive through line wasn’t too long. It only took a few minutes from the time we placed our order until we got to the pick up window. “Good morning!” the clerk exclaimed cheerfully. This is a woman who wakes up smiling. I handed her my debit card and that’s when things went horribly wrong. “Mom,” said my son with a sense of urgency. I whipped my head around to see cheeks puffed and a tiny bit of liquid oozing from his mouth. In a panic I screamed to the clerk “GET ME A CUP!” “GET ME A CUP!” She was confused and frazzled. I’m sure this woman has dealt with unruly customers before. Perhaps someone wanted a Bavarian Creme, but they only had Jelly. She couldn’t see in the backseat of my car. She just saw a woman with bags under her eyes screaming like a lunatic, “GET ME A CUP!” The clerk was juggling styrofoam like she was playing a game of Hot Potato. Her hands were shaky and cups were falling to the ground. “HE IS GOING TO PUKE!” Finally she managed to pass one into my car just in time. The clerk looked like she saw a ghost. I apologized and reminded her I still needed my donuts. I would say this episode guarantees she gets Employee of the Month.

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