Hockey Mom

I may have just taken out a 12-year-old in street hockey. It was an accident. My son and his friends were trying to organize a game. However, they needed another player to even out the teams. So, I offered to be goalie. They chuckled and said, “Really?” Damn Straight! Well, I actually said, “Sure, why not? You think I can’t play because I am a girl?” Silence. I could tell by the look on their faces it had nothing to do with gender. They thought I was too old. I grabbed a stick and got into position. After the puck went by me not once, but three times I suggested I move to offense. I never really played sports in school. Coaches thought I would be a superstar. Nope. I was just tall and uncoordinated. But not tonight, after I got out of goal, I was in a zone. I think I forgot where I was for a moment. I was sweating, running up and down the driveway like we were playing for The Stanley Cup. The game was tied. I had the puck. I cocked the stick back and nailed a kid right in the shin. Goal! I won! We won! Then, I realized I was acting like a jackass. In my best motherly voice I said, “I’m so sorry honey.” He was okay. It turns out I can play sports. I just need to be 36 when I play against 12-year-olds .

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