I dropped the kids off at school and decided to vacuum out the van. I know you are jealous of the exciting life I lead. Don’t be a hater. My children often have a difficult time finding their mouths when eating. So, the floor looks like the dining room around closing time at The Ground Round. It costs a buck to use the vacuum for two minutes. I once told my son is used to cost a quarter. “Was that in the 1800’s?” he asked. No. It was not.

I spotted this hanging out of the garbage can. Did someone commit a crime and get rid of the evidence? I bet if you reviewed the car wash surveillance video you would see a woman placing the shirt in the garbage. She was probably sick of her husband wearing this hideous shirt and decided to get rid of it. Can you blame her? I can think of a few things in my husband’s dresser that would look great in this garbage can.


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