Jovan Belcher

I am sick of hearing people praise Jovan Belcher. I keep hearing stories about how he overcame obstacles to become an NFL player. Friends and family called the Kansas City Chief’s linebacker a “nice guy” and a “beautiful person.” On Saturday this well respected man shot and killed his girlfriend Kassandra Perkins before taking his own life. She was just 22-years-old. Belcher thanked the general manager and coach of the Kansas City Chiefs before putting a gun to his head at Arrowhead Stadium. How gracious of him. You can show his stats a million times on TV. I don’t care how many sacks Belcher had. He is a murderer. This photograph of his family and friends makes me sick.


I understand Belcher was someone’s son, brother, friend. I am sorry for your loss. However, what he did was despicable and you are toasting him? They should be mourning in private and apologizing for the horrific crime Belcher committed. There are reports Belcher was angry that Kassandra came home late from a concert. He shot her nine times. Nine. Sounds like a great guy to me.

I read this comment on Facebook: “It just goes to show us these football players are just like us.” Did you shoot your girlfriend multiple times and leave your 3-month-old daughter without parents? He isn’t like us. Sportscasters called this a difficult day for the Chiefs and their fans. I can imagine it’s even more difficult for Kassandra’s family.

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