Fight Club

If you have more than one child there is a good chance you spend most of the say saying “Stop Fighting,” “Leave him/her alone” or “If you don’t cut it out you are grounded.” (It’s usually an empty threat. If you followed through with a punishment every time kids didn’t listen they would live in solitary confinement.)

My kids argue over just about everything. My 12-year-old likes to tease the 5-year-old who in turn takes out his aggression on my 2-year-old. This was an actual argument in my car:

“You’re not big.”
“I am so.”
“No, I’m bigger.”
“You are not.”
“Yes I am.”
(throws toy at sister)
“You are little”
“Mom, he said I’m not big.”

In the past week alone I had to break up a physical altercation over who won the race upstairs. Note that the winner didn’t get a trophy or product endorsements. My kids fought over who had more noodles on their plate, whether Joe or Steve finds clues faster and who the dog likes better. I’m pretty sure the dog hates them all. Fido isn’t a big fan of wrestling or wearing sunglasses to tea parties.


The constant bickering makes my brain hurt. So, why would anyone encourage kids to fight? Apparently a daycare in Delaware was shut down for operating a 3-year-old fight club. Two workers actually encouraged toddlers to punch each other. The workers are facing criminal charges and should go to jail. Anyone that takes joy out of toddlers hurting one another is crazier than Honey Boo Boo’s mom.

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  • Emma

    My 3 boys (14, 10 and 4) are always fighting/bickering etc, it drives me crazy, I’m always shouting for them to stop. I have to say that I’m pretty good at following through on the punishment and I have been know to even put my very stubborn 14 year old on the ‘naughty step’. It seems to be my older 2 kids that argue to the most but then every now and again they get on wonderfully. My 4 year old just had a fit if he doesn’t win everything and my 10 year old has a rather annoying way or annoying his little brother then in turn driving me mad and having to separate all the kids in separate rooms for a while. Um I think to a certain extent it’s good to let children find their own way of resolving issues/arguements etc but letting them fight is going far too far. Young kids will push, kick, bite, smack etc each other but it has to be stopped the minute it’s happened as children need to know boundries.

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