My 4-year-old daughter was nominated to complete the Ice Bucket Challenge by a friend. Her cute, little blonde haired friend sat in a chair giggling while her brother dumped a bucket of water on her head. I showed the video to my daughter who asked, “Is that cold water?” I explained that it was. “No way, I am NOT doing that,” she said. I did not dump ice on my head either, but donated money. Then, I nominated Ryan Gosling. I am still waiting for him to slowly dump water on his beautiful body, preferably wearing a thin white t-shirt. It’s for charity.

Can you believe just one year ago we had no idea what to do with a bucket and ice? Seriously, I applaud the amount of people helping raise money for The ALS Association. It is a devastating disease. I know you’re probably sick of seeing videos on your Facebook timeline. After all, we need to see our “friends” holding food to their mouths with the caption “Yum!” However, I have another #ICEBUCKETCHALLENGE for you to see. The following video had me in stitches on the davenport. It’s not funny when kids swear. Well, sometimes it is funny. Actually, it is always funny if the toddler has a foreign accent. Enjoy!

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