Free falling

My 5-year-old nearly fell down the stairs last night. Does this disqualify me for the Mother of the Year award? I said “nearly.” He was playing an App on his iPod at the time. The App was called “Sexy Pasties.” I’m kidding. My goodness, relax. We deleted that from the iPod a long time ago. True story. A few years ago he downloaded over a dozen Apps including “Sexy Pasties.” He was just an innocent toddler tapping the screen. He had no idea he was purchasing crude pictures of women with Daddy issues. I got an invoice via email totaling over $50. I initially accused my husband of being a pervert. It taught me a valuable lesson about the importance of logging out of my account.

I have warned my kids about burying their face in iPods or phones. They forget the rules time and time again. The girl in this video didn’t listen to her mother either. Watch as she falls in an icy canal while texting her boyfriend. Let your children learn from her near death experience:

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