Good punishment?

Have you seen the story about the mother who punished her 13-year-old by making him wear a sign in public? April Mathison’s son, Brandon, got busted smoking pot. So, she made him walk at an intersection with a sandwich board that said, “Got caught smoking pot. Don’t I look cool? Not!” This kind of public humiliation has become somewhat of a trend. Remember the Dad who made a YouTube video because he didn’t like what his daughter posted online? He recorded himself shooting her computer. Clearly, this cowboy has some anger issues and isn’t the authority on good parenting.

In my opinion, this South Carolina mother is just an attention whore. She knew damn well that the media would show up and she would get her 15 minutes of fame. Her son looks like he is enjoying the attention, too. I don’t think this will scare him into sobriety. In fact, I bet he lights up to celebrate his TV debut.

April Mathison says she chose this punishment because time-out doesn’t work anymore. What? Your teenager’s behavior doesn’t improve after sitting in a tiny chair in a corner for five minutes? I’m shocked. Take him to a courthouse to watch how a judge punishes criminals. Perhaps he will go back to doing what other 13-year-old’s do: ride bikes, destroy brain cells playing video games and speak like Napoleon Dynamite.

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