Hair Bows & Heroes

I don’t want to forget my roots.  I am a journalist.  I am researching a few interesting articles that will be posted on this site from time to time.  I also welcome guest posts!   This one comes from a dear friend.   When we first met I wanted to hate her.  She was gorgeous, smart and so damn nice.  I couldn’t help but love her anyway.  I think you will too.


By: Jennifer Johnson

My grandmother-in-law loves to say that my daughter has a dresser drawer just for hair bows. It’s not quite true but she does have a lot. What can I say? She wears them well.   Just below her basket of hair bows are the books we read together. Okay, she’s 9-months-old so she does more chewing of the books than reading, but I still try to share a few stories each day.  One of those books is called  “Ladies First: History’s Greatest Female Trailblazers, Winners and Mavericks.” Hair bows and heroes. I hope my daughter realizes those things can go together.

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