Holy Breakfast

I feel like a complete fool.  All this time I have been looking for our Lord & Savior at Pizza Hut.  Boy, was I way off.  It turns out Jesus is more of a morning person.  I should have been hitting Denny’s or maybe The Waffle House.   A man in Texas found an image of Jesus on his breakfast burrito.  He has the burrito wrapped in foil in his refrigerator so he can “wait and see what happens.”  I will tell you what’s going to happen big guy.  Jesus is going to start to smell funny.  I must admit, this is pretty cool.  I saw the image immediately.  I’m not sure if it looks like Jesus or the lead singer from Kings of Leon.  I actually saw Mick Jagger once in the deli section at my local grocery store.  (True store.  I wrote about it on this site.) I’m just hoping some vulnerable sap doesn’t spend thousands to buy an old $3.99 sandwich on Ebay. 

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