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I thought two things after reading this article. 1.) I love this man 2.) I wish I would have written it. I have always wondered who buys the shit in these high end catalogs. Yes, I consider Williams Sonoma to be fancy. Hell, when my husband was a private in the U.S. Army the only catalog we received in the mail was FingerHut. It’s like Rent a Center in a book. For 15 payments you can call yourself the proud owner of a crock pot.

This fella is genius. I laughed so hard I nearly pissed my pants. Then again, after three kids that’s not hard to do.

The Hater’s Guide To The Williams-Sonoma Catalog

By Drew Magary

I bought a Williams-Sonoma cheese grater for my mom for Christmas once because I had no idea what to get her and I was in a mall and there the grater was, just large enough to take up space under the tree and just cheap enough to let her know that I put NO thought or care into buying a gift for her. Anyway, I paid for this grater with a credit card. And when a place like Williams-Sonoma gets your credit card and thus your address, you are on the mailing list for life. Every holiday season, my mail slot gets bukkake’d with monstrous catalogs packed with shit I would never, ever buy, and the W-S catalog stands out among them.

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