Hello darling

I have been so busy I forgot to write a post about the love note left on my car.   It happened on Tuesday.  I was in a really good mood or just delirious from a lack of sleep, but either way I was smiling.  I worked that morning as a guest co-host on a popular radio show.  It is a country music station.  My grandmother, who loved country music, would’ve been so proud.  She often danced around her dining room table singing along to Conway Twitty songs.  She had fire engine red hair and a contagious smile.  This was long before the iPod, CD or even the cassette player.  She blasted her favorite music on an eight track player. It had colorful lights near the base that flashed to the beat.  

There was no such thing as rewind or pause on that player.  I believe it would be considered a human torture device nowadays.  

I only put my foot in my mouth a few times during the morning show.  That alone was reason to celebrate. So, I decided to take a second mortgage on my house to pay for a latte.  Shortly after leaving the coffee shop, when attempting to remove splattered bugs from my windshield (#Neverforget),  I noticed the note.


The author tucked that sucker in the windshield blade.  He/She wanted to make sure it didn’t blow away.  The note slid from side to side at least five times scraping across the glass.  I was perplexed.  I parked within the lines.  I didn’t cut anyone off.  I would never park in a handicap spot.  So, why did this person hate me?  Did I have bitchy resting face?  Was it the cardigan I was wearing?  Clearly, English Language Arts was not their strong point in school.  He or she did not stay in the lines.   Plus, they capitalized every letter of a word and didn’t use a pronoun, verb or punctuation mark.  Furthermore, the note lacked important details.  “You were an …….. because…..”  I give props for having lined paper in their car to begin with.  However, perhaps they should use it to complete their college writing assignments.   Then, they can learn to construct a well-written hate note.  

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