Honesty is the Best Policy

I am in a mood. It could be the lack of sleep or the fact that I’m bloated. It’s going to take a good five to seven days and chocolate to feel like myself again. Not even those colored tampons could brighten my day. What a ridiculous idea. What woman sits around and says, “I really wish I had a yellow, purple or blue tampon to cram in my bloody va-jay-jay. This plain white one is so out of style.”) There was something that made me laugh today. The kids were at the in-laws house. Their grandmother cooked up some bland sweet potatoes and dry chicken. When the kids didn’t devour her creation she said, “I really wish you guys would eat more.” My 4-year-old son replied, “I really wish you would cook food that tastes good.” That made me happier than Midol and a heating pad.

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