It’s all relative?

Tom Brady has a hectic schedule. I will give you time to get out your tiny violin. Tom Brady’s schedule is so hectic there is a news article about it.  It’s titled, “Tom Brady Details a Day in His Hectic Life.”  I laughed out loud before I even began reading.  The pictures accompanying the article show Giselle and his daughter on a private jet.  (Talk to me after you have waited in a long line at the airport, taken three kids through security and flying coach on a flight where there are no seat assignments) In another shot the family is horseback riding.



















Let’s compare a day in the life of Tom Brady to a regular person. I will use myself as an example.

The article begins with Tom Brady  at the luxurious St. Regis Hotel just below Central Park in New York City.  He is there because he has to promote a new Simmons mattress.  He is only worth $120 million and needed another endorsement deal. There is a table of crab cakes, spring rolls, etc. in the room and a butler is waiting in the wings. 

I wake up and iron clothing for my three children. (I know this is optional for most people, but I have issues) Then, I run downstairs to let the dog out and make lunches. School supplies are organized and ready to go.  I load and start the dishwasher and get breakfast ready for the kids. Then, I head back upstairs to finish styling my hair, make-up and get dressed.

Tom Brady has to fly out on his private jet back to New England.

The author of the article says Being Tom Brady isn’t easy.  He has football practice the next morning.

I make myself coffee and drive 40 minutes to work.  I clock out with enough time to stop at the grocery store before making the trek back. Inevitably, I will get behind a woman who wants every item in her cart double bagged. She can’t have her pasta in the same bag as her cereal. I go straight to the elementary school to pick up my middle child. Then, I drive to the high school and get my oldest. Finally, I pick up my daughter. Once home, I put in a load of laundry and clean up the mess made at breakfast.  I swear my kids throw crumbs around like it is confetti.  That and they intentionally spit toothpaste everywhere, but in the sink. Next, I get the younger kids a snack because I don’t want to sweep again. Children are hungry the second a meal ends. Sometimes they still have a fork in their hands. Then, I vacuum because we have a dog and I have allergies.

Tom Brady is really busy.

“I have hobbies,” he says. “I like being active. I like to surf a lot, play a little bit of golf. But it’ a lot of work and being with my family.”

Now, it is time to put the laundry in the dryer. Then, there is the dreaded task of helping the children with homework. Common Core hurts my brain. Within the course of 30 minutes I say over and over again, “Come on, let’s focus and get this done.” I told my son I feel like a broken record. He replied, “What does that even mean?” My children have never seen a record. They sure as hell don’t know what a broken record is or does. By this time the kids are whining that they are hungry again. I am convinced they have tapeworms. I start dinner and unload the dish washer. They eat. I clean up again.

What happens next depends on the day.  There is tennis practice, drama club, basketball, soccer, dance classes and guitar lessons. I take some time to play with the kids before getting showers and baths done.  I should clarify. I play with the younger two children and exchange a few words with the teenager before he retreats to his bedroom. Then, they brush their teeth. I supervise because it’s cheaper than a high dental bill. I tried allowing them to go at it alone, but a 6-year-old has never been to medical school and doesn’t quite grasp the concept of gingivitis. It takes about 30 minutes to coral the kids into bed.  Then, I get up and do the same thing tomorrow.  I am not complaining.  If I were writing about my life on Twitter I would use ‘hashtag blessed’.  It is, however, hectic – like most people’s lives.

Tom Brady gets a break when the football season ends.

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