It’s hot!

I get to eat a hot breakfast today! I am more excited than Lindsay Lohan at a pharmacy. I’m meeting a dear friend at a restaurant to catch up, gossip and EAT! I don’t have to cook, cut up pancakes or clean the pans. There won’t be anyone asking for more juice just as I sit down to eat my already cold meal. Plus, we always have such great conversation. I beat the ‘who would win Batman or Spiderman’ debate to death this week and need to speak to an adult. Of course, I will have to get the kids breakfast before I leave because my husband will serve ice cream. I love my kids and they will give me a guilt trip as I walk out the door, but it’s important to take time for me. It is even better when that time includes homemade Hollandaise sauce. I can feel my hips expanding already. Hallelujah!

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