My daughter’s birthday party was a success. It wasn’t an elaborate soirée. In fact, I planned most of it the night before. I refuse to be bullied by Pinterest. My daughter’s favorite gift came from the one guest with no children of her own. My BFF Nikki gave my 4-year-old a bag of princess make up. The little girls at the party squealed with excitement. Nikki created a monster. My daughter is obsessed with this gift. We were late to school Monday & Tuesday because she refused to leave until she painted her nails. I couldn’t paint them. She had to do it which meant her fingers were covered in glittery nail polish. My daughter is also giving anyone who walks through our front door a Tammy Faye Bakker makeover.


Nikki is a TV news anchor and her makeup always looks amazing. I, however, have been walking around looking like a cross between a hooker and a clown. Honestly, I don’t mind. I cherish these moments. They grow up in the blink of an eye. Hopefully, she will tone down her makeup by then.

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