Glass half full

My glass is always half empty. It’s a lousy way to live. I need to start focusing on the positives. There are so many in my life. Perhaps, that will be my New Year’s Resolution since the ‘I’m going to do a million sit ups to lose this kangaroo pouch’ resolution didn’t pan out. Don’t worry, I will still point out the negatives. Life isn’t all rainbows and unicorns. Did I tell you my daughter recently became obsessed with unicorns? I got her a small stuffed unicorn for her birthday. She demanded everyone’s attention in the room and said, “I am going to name my new stuffed unicorn, “Unicorn.” (Cue fake enthusiasm for her “creative” name.) I’m going to call his doughnut a “Doughnut.” I’m going to call this car a “Car.” Positive, think positive. The positive is she didn’t name her pet unicorn “Vagina.” See, I can do this. Anyway, watch this video. It turns out I am not alone.

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