My 5-year-old daughter asked a question today that I am not ready to answer.  “Why do you have to wear that?”  She wasn’t referring to make up or deodorant.  Her little finger was pointing to a bag of maxi pads in my shopping cart.  In my opinion, she’s too young to know that women suffer for seven to ten days every month for most of their lives.  She doesn’t need to know that once a month it feels like your vagina may fall off.  Not only is the cycle uncomfortable, but women have to deal with ignorant men who cannot understand PMS.  Hint: that would be a great time to pick your socks up off the floor.    I told her that older women have to wear them.  “Ewww, you’re gross,” she replied.   It is gross.  How many menstruating women do you see on a daily basis laughing as they skip down the street?  Advertisers make maxi pads with wings sound appealing.   Let’s put stickers on a pair of boxers and see how men like it.   I mistakenly bought super maxi pads while shopping with my daughter. I saw this label and was sold.    
Ten hour leak guard protection? These would be great if I were menstruating and trapped in an elevator or lost in the woods.  I had no idea how LONG the pad would be.  Perhaps this picture can put it in perspective for you.   This is a medium sized teddy bear.  
If you need a pad this long a visit to the emergency room is in order.  You may be bleeding to death.  It’s longer than a size 8 1/2 shoe.  


Or your favorite catalog.  Good luck wearing this super absorbent boat and that bathing suit.  

Was the company hoping women would walk in a conga line and share the pad?  There is nothing comfortable about a diaper that stretches from the back of your neck to your belly button.   That is the ugly truth I spared my daughter from learning.  

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