It is amusing

I spent another glorious day with my children at the amusement park.   Nothing screams fun like getting motion sickness and swimming in filthy water with strangers. 


Actually, my children had a great time.  I nearly had a panic attack on the log flume.  Not only am I afraid on high, fast-moving rides, I get really sick.  It’s just another way women are punished for having children.  A mother wets her pants with a sneeze, her abs look like Droopy’s face and her equilibrium is shot.  

There is no denying that a visit to an amusement park is a learning experience. Here are a few things I learned yesterday: 

1.) One size does NOT fit all 

2.) Tube socks are still a big seller 

3.) A lot of people make really bad decisions at tattoo shops. 

4.) It is possible to have a worse haircut than I had in the 3rd grade. 
5.) Childhood obesity is a real problem

6.) Your life is in the hands of a teenager who ‘could care less.’    

7.) A fishnet can substitute as a shirt.   

8.) A child will have to poop when the only option is a disgusting bathroom full of people who, if not stuffed into bathing suits, would be wearing pajama bottoms.

9.) Some people have no problem with PDA. Apparently, there is nothing sexier than a Ferris Wheel. 

10.)  “Yous” is the plural of you


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