This is pretty scary! A meteor exploded over Russia injuring hundreds of people. I showed the video to my older son and he laughed at my ignorance, “Mom, that’s just special effects.” He went on to give me a lesson on Computer-generated Imagery. He is at the “I know everything” age. It’s a lot of fun.

It doesn’t seem real. I was waiting for the deep movie guy voice to play under the video, previewing a Will Smith flick. That or I thought it would be one of those videos where a zombie pops up screaming. Has someone done that to you? “Hey, you’ve got to see this car commercial.” You watch as a car drives through beautiful, winding hills while soft music plays in the background. Then, you nearly s*** your pants when a Poltergeist looking chick pops up. My husband actually wanted to play that trick on our child. What is wrong with men? The joke would have been on him when child protective services rang the doorbell.

First Kim Kardashian procreates and now this. Perhaps the Mayans weren’t wrong after all.

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