My 5-year-old is trash talking the Fed Ex guy. He has been waiting all week for a delivery. It is my fault for giving gifts on Valentine’s Day, Easter etc. Each child gets one present in addition to candy. It’s usually not expensive. This year I ordered a Batman/Bane Lego set that is not available in local stores. Legos are like crack to my son. He never has enough and always wants more. Luckily, the people at the Lego company include easy to follow directions. I’m kidding. There are no written instructions. Each box comes with a booklet of pictures. Then, instead of grouping similar pieces in packages, they throw everything together in bags. I imagine people at the factory laughing, “It is going to take these assholes hours to put this spaceship together.”

My children are usually grateful for gifts. They are usually polite and kind, but my kindergartner is going to be pissed when he gets home from school. He actually wanted me to call the “Fed Ex man” yesterday. I may do a lot of online shopping, but I am not tight with the delivery guy. I will preach to my son about the unimportance of material things. He is lucky to be healthy and have a family that loves him. As we speak a good friend of mine is sitting in a hospital waiting for her baby to come out of major surgery. Her sweet daughter has been through a lot. It breaks my heart (yes, contrary to popular belief I do have one) and makes everything else seem trivial. Unfortunately, it’s a lesson we learn with age. So, I am praying the Fed Ex truck is on route. I am praying even harder for my friend and her daughter. I wish their only problem today was a missing box of Legos.

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  • Rich

    Bought a Legos kit for my grandson…they must think I’m a rocket scientist.
    To this day he hates the mailman…dream pillow never came.

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