My Little Angels

I received three compliments yesterday about how well behaved my children are. I was in a store activating a new cell phone. The kids stood quietly by my side while the clerk took her sweet ass time. Granted the little ones each had Ring Pops in their mouth and it is basically a pacifier covered in candy. Still, they weren’t touching things or fighting. My children aren’t always angels. My 4-year-old threw a temper tantrum a few weeks ago because I had to cut his finger nails. He was starting to look like he worked at a comic book store. He was furious I interrupted a fight between Batman and Green Lantern. (Little guy doesn’t even realize that in real life those Superheroes are on the same team.) Anyway, he was screaming before, during and after his mini-manicure. At one point he shouted, “I want my fingernails back.” I couldn’t help but chuckle over how ridiculous this was. Sure, let me get the Superglue. He laughed too after Satan left his body.

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