Public Service Announcement

Everyday when I bring my son to pre-school I encounter the mother that looks like Girls Gone Wild meets The Swan. She doesn’t wear a bra and her hair looks like there is a family of birds living near her scalp. I’m not saying I look like a supermodel this early in the morning. (Although many of these mothers make me feel like one) I just think clothing and proper undergarments should be required. Sorry Kenny. No shoes, no shirt and you will have a problem. I don’t want to see your ta-ta’s flopping around like a fish out of water. (Our fish is still alive by the way. It’s a G-damn miracle.) If you are feeling crazy go ahead and brush your hair before leaving the house. To quote a reality TV star: “Act like you’ve been somewhere.” (On a positive note: My 4-year-old son told me I looked “beautiful” this morning. He doesn’t have much to compare to, but love that kid to pieces.)

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