Name That Tune

You haven’t lived until you’ve listened to the techno mix of Baa, Baa, Black Sheep. My daughter has a toy with 27 different versions of traditional kids songs. The Gangham Style mix of Old McDonald Had a Farm will blow your mind. (or drive you to drink) Honestly, it’s a great toy to work on the alphabet and hand/eye coordination. It would have been perfect, but some a-hole without kids decided it needed a setting with computerized music.

I recognize just about every song. I would have kicked ass on “Name That Tune.” (Come on though, no way those people could name a tune in one note. One note? I’m calling BS on George DeWitt.) Anyway, there is one song I cannot name and it’s driving me insane. I tried to use Shazaam, but this was its response:


It is definitely NOT R.E.M. Help! Can you name this tune:

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