Night Terror

I keep having the same dream night after night. There is someone sitting on my porch, but I can’t open the door. It’s locked from the outside. I never see a face, only Converse sneakers. It’s frustrating, but nothing like the dreams my 4-year-old has. He suffers from night terrors. These episodes are terrifying alright. If you’ve never experienced it thank your lucky stars. It’s nothing a kid’s nightmare that Barney sat on their face or Caillou was put in the pokey for selling crack. My son will sit straight up and scream like he is being chased by Jason, Freddy Kreuger and Spencer Pratt. He appears to be awake, but is not and seems to be looking at something. My husband, completely out of touch with reality, will try to reason with him. The kid clearly isn’t responding, but he continues, “Buddy, you just need to calm down.” No shit Sherlock. I usually instruct him to step aside (in so many words), hold my son son closely against my chest and whisper comforting words. His night terror will generally pass in a few minutes. He will fall into a peaceful slumber and by morning won’t remember a damn thing. I, however, am so freaked out I can’t sleep.

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