Party’s over

It’s not a party at Chuck E. Cheese until Mom pulls out a gun. Tawana Bourne, a Connecticut mother, was arrested for whipping out a pistol and threatening another Mom. The news report didn’t say what allegedly set Tawana off. Perhaps, another kid budged the photo car line. Maybe someone snagged their tickets from the Skeeball machine. I know the noise in that place is maddening, but is it worth going to jail for a plastic fish or stale tootsie roll?

I have thrown several parties at Chuck E. Cheese. Yeah, I am a high roller. It’s great. My children love the games and pizza. Plus, you don’t have to worry about party favors because guests get the flu for free.

The company recently announced it is updating Chuck E’s image. My middle child was terrified of that giant rat. He bolted in the opposite direction when a worker appeared in full costume. He ran toward the stage until the curtains opened to reveal robotic, singing mice. He was trapped and lost his bloody mind. We did what all good parents do. We hugged him while laughing hysterically. Luckily, he cheered up after claiming his prize of a small plastic top and single piece of hard licorice.

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  • Dresden

    Hilarious, as always, but so many clever lines in here that I’m extra in awe of you … from “flu” party favors to robotic, singing mice to a plastic fish and stale Tootsie Roll. Funny, funny stuff …

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