Restaurant Faux Pas

With the glaring looks I received today when I walked into a restaurant you would have thought my nipples were hanging out. What did I do to deserve this treatment? I brought food from another restaurant. Look, I’m not pretending it’s a classy move, but I wanted Mexican and my kids wanted McDonalds. I understand that Chipotle is a step above Taco Bell, but it’s not a five star restaurant. In my opinion, if you offer free refills anything is game. Besides, I dropped $25 there for burrito bowls. Yeah, that’s right bitches I am a high roller! Perhaps the patrons were angry that my children weren’t eating free range meat. Frankly, I don’t give a shit if the animals were caged. I think the cow is more concerned about ending up at the butcher than eating organic grains. Plus, if I forced my kids to order a taco they would have been miserable. Instead, they sat like little angels devouring some fried food. I actually got to enjoy my meal. Let me say that again: I actually got to enjoy a meal. So, unless congress passes a law making it illegal I would do it all over again. If then I would probably hide it in my purse.

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